Gabrielle – Mer

“MER” is inspired by the harsh grasp of consumerism, and how it can make us blind by greed in the pursuit for material goods. The story is set in a post apocalyptic world, where a group of nomads collect the remains of a lost society. But as their collection grows bigger, so does their desire for more. All that glitters is not gold.

This video was largely shot on Karmøy, an island located on the west coast of Norway, but also 1883 meters above the ocean on the peak of Gaustatoppen, a vast mountain overlooking 1/6th of the country. The large flying factories were made by Steamheads, an Oslo-based VFX-house known for their work on films like Harry Potter and Elysium, and the rest of the post-production was completed at Hocus Focus in Oslo, one of Norway’s largest post-production companies.

Starring: Fredrik Skogsrud Forrester, Gunnar Dundas, Orleo Berisha

Written and directed by Kristoffer Klunk (

Presented by Hocus Focus (

DOP: John-Erling Holmenes Fredriksen
Focus Puller: Annicken Aasheim
Post Production Producer: Lene Albertsen
Post Production Producer: Ole-Arild Svendsen
Post Production Assistant: Elin Holde Hegsvold
VFX Supervisor: Bengt Ove Sannes / Marius Andre Jacobsen (
Colourgrading & compositing: Haavard Albertsen
Production Designer: Mirjam Veske
Costume Designer: Mari Melilot
Production Assistant: Morten Kjennerud
Post Production Trainee: Elin Holde Hegsvold
Editor: Henrik Berge (Hocus Focus /
Ship Design / Animation: Nils Arne Brekke
Sound Design: Erik Ljunggren

Bård Røssevold, Eirik Einarsen Vikene, Hilde Pettersen, Ørjan Baugstø Iversen, Sturla Nyborg, Rover Haugaland scouts, Halvor Haukass (, Espen Zubi (, Runaround film.